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Beijing Haidian Cuiwei Primary School
publish date: 2018-08-22

1. School Profile

Beijing Haidian Cuiwei Primary School was built in 1956; it is an experimental school in Haidian educational modernization in Beijing, a demonstration school for implementation of big size schooling, and the first batch of quality-oriented education high quality schools of Haidian. At present, the school has four branches, covers an area of 80919 square meters. 

Cuiwei Primary School wins a good social reputation by regarding “Do education that is satisfied by people, provide high quality education to society” as its educational goal, and insists the education road of “base on people”. There are 3334 students and 198 full-time teachers in the school; there are 9 key teachers of Beijing, 30 subject leaders, 40 Key teachers of Haidian. The school has a teacher group with strict teaching, respecting the work and having the courage to innovation. 

The school pays much attention to the campus cultural construction, education and teaching and has already formed the distinct characteristics, and has made the achievements in the student's behavior training, art, foreign English teaching, sports, and course studies. 

2. Characteristics

 A. Outstanding Art Troupes

" Jinfan” folk music group, orchestra group, dancing group and the chorus group have obtained the first award in the art festival in district and in city, got very good achievement during the whole country match, and was invited to visit and exchange in Europe and Australia, carry forward Chinese culture in the world. Since 2002, the school has received the domestic and overseas guests nearly more than ten times each year. From January 2006 till now only, the school has received more than ten visiting groups from USA, Japan and Singapore; the number of people is nearly 2,000. 

Since 1994, the school has been ran a big size education, defined “art education“as the initial duty, and developed quality-oriented education principle widely. The educational activity of art in the school has already stepped into the track of benign cycle after a few years. 

The folk music group is the primary group of the school, since 1990 the group build up, it obtained first award in six consecutive times in Tutti march in art festival of Beijing and Haidian District; obtained first award in three consecutive times in national march. The group was invited to perform in Europe and Australia, and propagated national culture and arts in the world. The art groups from USA, France, Singapore and Japan come to the school to exchange with the teachers and students of folk music group many times in recent years, and students get the praise from overseas people by their consummate accomplishment. The folk music group won the golden award in blow teenagers' folk music match of the whole country in 2006. 

In 1996, the school has setup orchestra group, dancing group, the chorus group and student’s painting and calligraphy studio by getting the experience of various fields of the folk music group that consolidate, develop and improve the school art education. These groups develop together through untiring efforts, to become leaders in Handian District and Beijing, won the first awards in air festival competition in Haidian District and in Beijing. The school gets remarkable achievement and is the leader of the schools definitely. In 2001, the folk music group held special performance in Central Music Hall; in 2004, the orchestra group held a host performance in Zhongshan Music Hall; In 2006, the dancing group held special performance in Jinfan Music Hall in the school. The students of the school exhibit their artistic talent to the various circles of society. In recent years, there are nearly hundred students with art special ability entered the key middle schools of district and Beijing every year. 

The school takes charge of artistic group reserve construction severely from 1998, each group has already formed step team that the student of grade four to six is the principal part, the student of grade one to three is the reserve part. There are more than 300 students now in the folk music group; there are more than 240 students in orchestra group; there are more than 160 students in the chorus group; there are more than 120 students in dancing group; and there are more than 300 students in painting and calligraphy studio. The existing student's number of every group accounts for nearly one-third of the number of student of whole school. 

In order to show the student's artistic talent fully, the school gives the training of student's collective sense of honor in the activity, and the training of associate cooperation ability, to let students feel the happiness of success in performing, and self-encourage for the student. Since the groups are established, especially during the past three years, the school organized the groups to carry on special performance in camp of three army corps of ceremony, in the Great Hall of the People and in the Imperial New Village in Tongzhou District. In 1999, the folk music group was invited to go to Macao to participate in the activity of "Returning Celebration"; in 2000, the folk music group was invited by the wife of German premier to participate the performance in World Exposition in German Hanover; in 2001, the dancing group invited to go to Australia to participate in performing exchange activity; in January of 2003, the dancing group was invited to go to Australia to participate in performing exchange activity again; and in 2005, the orchestra group participated in activity of Hong Kong art festival. 

B. Jinfan Painting and Calligraphy Studio

The Jinfan painting and calligraphy studio arranges students to participate in the handwriting match of “Haimo Cup” in Haidian District every year, the postcard making march of “Yingchun Bei”, painting match art festival in Haidian, Beijing computer painting match and paint match in scientific and technological fine arts of Beijing, there are nearly hundred students obtained awards in each match. In 2002, the schools offered pottery art, handwriting, flour art and form and structure lessons, and above are favored by students. In August of 2006, the flour art works obtained unanimous favorable comment of overseas and domestic people in Beijing International Education Exposition. China Central Television and Beijing Television follow the trail of interviewing to the student's activity many times. The " People's Daily”, " Beijing Evening News”, “Music Weekly" and “Beijing Times” present news report, have received the various circles of society and the expert's favorable comment. Hundreds of students win awards in personal match in district, Beijing city and the country every year; in 2004, the school is chosen as Beijing Student Jinfan Art Group, and was awarded the title of art education special school by China Education Society.

C. Colorful Campus Atmosphere

Art education and foreign English teaching have already become the distinct characteristic of the school. In addition, the school also amplifies the education network of school, family and the society, pursue school democratic management, construct and build new management model, set up “democracy management committee”, invite representatives of parents participating education and teaching management, dedicate the idea and advice to the development of the school. The school organizes parents to go into school and class, take part in the activities of school every year. The examine lecture of behavior standard of grade one and foreign teacher open lecture obtained the favorable comment from parents. The school invites the children education expert to direct family teaching for parents regularly. The school invites policeman from traffic team and police station to go into school to give the lecture of safety education for the student; invites the editor of " Early Youth's Newspaper of Computer" to give the lecture of network security; organizes students to participate in" Action unify in civilization etiquette"; the school’s network station and school’s newspaper “Morning Star” provide special column for the communication with parents, promote every job of school constantly. The school awarded advanced school of capital army, police and civilians working together by Beijing government. 

The campus culture life and environment of campus bring out the best in each other. The wisdom and ancient lecture, psychology health knowledge and the student paints are handed in the corridor of the school, the sentences of warm prompt languages, the green " little feet" on the stairs, have given students a limitless expectation with silent education. The “Cuiwei book room” covers an area of 250 square meters, collected books more than 70,000 volumes, can be used by 3000 people at the same time; the reading room can let 150 teachers and students read, study and look for materials at the same time, to form the good study atmosphere; Beijing opera face-chart, tied dyeing, wax dyeing, cloth clip and paste and China ink handwriting created by teachers and student, has presented the world of students self exertion; the huge sculpture which teachers design and made in school gate, embody the initiatives, demonstration and creating of education and teaching from the teachers, carry forward Chinese culture, present talents of teachers and students, have shown the schooling thought of based on people and environment educating people. The school regards students as the main body, the activities of “my growth of companion of knowledge", "campus culture week" and “Chinese culture week” make student growing up cheerfully in lively study exchange. 

The school pays attention to environmental construction of the campus; teachers and students' environmental consciousness is strong. The Young Pioneers has developed the activity of “let campus less empty ground, let the western part more green” for many years; the school has set up “the earth village" that is used for recycling specially, and “environment lochus” to take charge of recycling work. The teachers and students insist on retrieving old and useless articles in classified in daily life and study, and the money is saved for building "Cuiwei forest” in western part area of the Inner Mongol of the motherland. 

D. Top Ranked Physical Training

Student's sports achievement is outstanding, every sports qualification rate is higher than demand of Chinese Education Commission; the track and field team has gotten four consecutive first award in Haidian District; the basketball team is in the ranking of three-first in district; the chess team won the first award of second group of district; the school awarded Beijing traditional sports school, the excellent school of carrying out “sports work rule of the school" in Beijing, and the second batches of Olympic demonstration schools of Beijing. 

Sports competition, scientific and technological activity, the activity of group of art and social work activity have built the colorful campus culture together. The school obtained the title of the campus cultural construction advanced school of Beijing; is determined to be a school of receiving foreign affairs by Beijing Government; the school receives a lot of education groups and government officials from the world. 

E. Honors Achieved

The school is awarded as Beijing campus cultural demonstration school, Beijing advanced school of culture and ideology, Beijing advanced school of foreign affairs, Beijing advanced school of moral education, Haidian advanced school of teaching management, Haidian advanced school of basic education and course innovation and the first batch of high quality education schools of Haidian District. 

The honors that school obtains in recent years are as follows: 

Beijing advanced school of campus cultural construction 

Beijing advanced unit of publicity and education on the law 

Beijing “demonstration school" of campus environment of middle and primary schools 

Beijing excellent school of audio-visual education programme 

Beijing educational base authorized by UNESCO association 

Beijing "young civilization” and “new century" school

Beijing Olympic demonstration school 

Beijing military school of outstanding early youth's 

Beijing advanced school of moral education management 

Beijing garden unit of capital greenery space and beautifies 

Beijing environmental demonstration school in campus of middle and primary schools

Award of special contribution by the course evaluation in Haidian District 

Haidian District "advanced school" of moral education management 

Haidian advanced party branch 

Haidian advanced group of education

Haidian advanced unit of national unity progressive 

Haidian advanced unit of traffic safety 

Haidian advanced unit of culture and ideology 

Haidian safety campus 

Haidian " green school" 



School office hours: From Monday to Friday  

           Morning: 8:00-11:30  

           Afternoon: 1:30-4:00 

School website: 

School address: No.22, Cuiwei Road, Haidian District 

Public transport: arrival at Cuiwei Road by taking No.335, No.613, No. 728, No. 33; arrival at Gongzhufen Station by subway, and turn west behind the Cuiwei Building 

Time of visiting: About 40 minutes 

Contact person: Li Dong ju

E-mail: cwxxjdc @ 

Office telephone number: 68221541 

Mobile: 13381201009 

Fax: 68221541 

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