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Business Incubator of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park
publish date: 2018-08-22

I. Overview

Founded in August 1989, Business Incubator of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park (hereinafter referred to as “HPI”) is a scientific and technological service institution for public interest established under the investment of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park. It is also a national new hi-tech business incubator recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.   

The Overseas Students Pioneer Park (hereinafter referred to as “Pioneer Park”) is jointly founded by Beijing Service Center for Overseas Students and HPI in October 1997. It is the first national-level Overseas Students Pioneer Park in Beijing.     

Over the 16 years, HPI has developed into an integrated business incubation system with an incubating area of 80000 m2, consisting of one center (Business Incubator Center), three parks (Haidian Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Haidian Overseas Students Development Park, Zhongguancun Biological Medicine Park) and one base (Education Base for Children of Returned Overseas Students). It also built the business service platform, talent service platform, management consulting platform, investment & financing platform as well as specialized technical service platform.     

Haidian Overseas Students Pioneer Park aims to provide a survival space for start-ups by the returned overseas students; Haidian Overseas Students Development Park furnishes space and environment for further development of the enterprises for overseas students upon expiry of incubation in the Overseas Students Pioneer Park; targeting institutions and project holders for research and development of biotech and new medicine products at home and abroad, Zhongguancun Biological Medicine Park is intended to provide the specialized incubation services in the field of bio-medicine technology for stationed enterprises and projects by building a business incubation system consisting of “one pool, one network and six platforms”. The Biological Medicine Park is furnished with standard laboratories, preparation room, laboratory for chemical synthetic medicine, laboratory for medical and biological engineering, laboratory for agricultural and biological engineering and laboratory for genetic engineering pilot-scale experiment; Education Base for Children of Returned Overseas Students is jointly set up by HPI and schools affiliated to Tsinghua University to offer nice education environment for children of returned overseas students.               

Since its establishment, the Pioneer Park persists in the central idea of building a school to target a special group of people and foster star enterprises and excellent entrepreneurs, and carries out each task in accordance with the work principle of “attracting excellent enterprises to the park, strengthening process management, imposing higher requirement for graduation and improving service system”. Over the past eight years, the Pioneer Park has incubated a total of 527 enterprises, of which 105 enterprises have graduated; and attracted 460 overseas students. The total income from technology, industry and trade reached 4.96 billion Yuan.    

A host of start-ups have grown up in the Pioneer Park and become the major players in various industries and sectors. So far, nine enterprises have realized the revenue of more than 100 million yuan; one enterprise has been listed in NASDAQ, and many other enterprises are preparing for listing. Some enterprises have become the backbones in the industrial alliances such as China AVS, Created in China and Digital Television, and played a key role in promoting the regional technology and industrial development.

Meanwhile, HPI is highly valued by governments at all levels and recognized by all sectors of the society for its great efforts and achievement.

In Oct. 1998, HPI was first accredited as the national business incubator;

In Jan. 2000, the Pioneer Park was listed by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission as Municipal New Hi-tech Industrial Incubator;

In Oct. 2000, the Pioneer Park was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Education as the pilot park for development of national pioneer parks for overseas students;

In Sept. 2001, the Pioneer Park was credited as the National Advanced Incubator for New High-tech Zone by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In 2003, the Pioneer Park won the Award for Best Quality of Enterprises in Incubation by Beijing Business Incubation Association;

In Aug. 2004, HPI was selected as the Excellent National New Hi-tech Business Incubator for the Year 2003;

In Dec. 2005, HPI won “the Award for Best Public Investment Returns” in the international incubator competition organized by the Science Alliance of Holland.

II. Receptions

Since its foundation, the Pioneer Park has attracted numerous leaders and guests from both home and abroad, as well as a host of social organizations. Over the past few years, the Pioneer Park has received and communicated with more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign visitors in 400 groups from all walks of life.

1. Inspections by Chinese leaders

The Pioneer Park has been inspected by the Chairman of People’s Republic of China, leaders from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and General Office of the CPC Central Committee, members of the National Committee of CPPCC, leaders of NPC, leaders of the Organization Department, overseas technical officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology, leaders from the Ministry of Personnel, leaders from the Ministry of Education and National Development and Reform Commission.

2. International exchange

The Pioneer Park has received the Prime Minister of South Korea, the President of Singapore, the President of Rwanda, Prime Minister of Romania, President of Cote d'Ivoire, secretary general of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea, Japanese Ministers of State and members of House of Representatives, government representatives from Ota-ku Tokyo, delegation of parliament members from Kandahar of India, technical investigation group of Pakistani government, mayor of Espoo of Finland.

3. Other social organizations

The Pioneer Park has also received numerous visitors from social organizations, for example, the directors of Washington University of U.S.A., investigation group from Boston University, Overseas Chinese American Enterpriser Association, delegation to Beijing from Hong Kong Federation of Kowloon East, delegation to China from Astana of Kazakstan, delegation from Groningen of Holland, delegation from Le Mans of France, Kyushu chief representative of Mitsubishi, IT venture entrepreneurs ofKansai Economic Federation, president of TTO Technical Transfer Consulting Company of Holland, investigation group from the Science Alliance of Holland, experts from APEC Innovation Center for Medium- and Small-sized Enterprises in South Korea, chairman and directors from Brainspark Plc of the UK.

III. Characteristics

The visit can be arranged in different forms to cater for the needs of visitors.

1. Attend and listen to the presentation on Administrative Committee of the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park (hereinafter called “HSP”) and HPI, and watch the promotion video tape for both of them.

2. Visit the exhibition hall of HPI 

The exhibition hall of HPI is located on the first floor of Zhongguancun Pioneer Building. It gives the visitors a bird’s eye view of the Haidian District and the Incubator in Haidian Science Park, the development process and achievement of the Business Incubator as well as outstanding enterprises in the park through pictures and statistics.

The manual sand table at the center of the exhibition hall vividly divides Haidian District into four sections, namely, Hi-tech Business Central District, district with concentration of colleges, universities and research institutions, Shangdi Information Industrial Base and Beiqing Road High-tech Industrial Belt. It clearly marks the Technology Enterprise Incubator in Haidian Science Park, the Overseas Students Pioneer Park, University Science Parks and other specialized parks.

The exhibition hall also displays 131 hi-tech products developed by 57 enterprises.

3. Arrange the visits to enterprises within the park according to purpose of the visitors and acquaint them with these enterprises.

4. Visit Zhongguancun Biological Medicine Park, including Open Lab for Biological Engineering, Analysis & Test Center, Pilot-scale Experiment Workshop for Biological Products as well as enterprises within the park.

IV. Information of HPI

Open time: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17:00

Address: Zhongguancun Pioneer Building, 26 Shangdi Xinxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 

Postal code:100085


Fax: 010-62984933

Tel: 010-82898748

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