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Introduction of Beijing Haidian District Art Vocational School
publish date: 2017-07-31

   Beijing HaiDian District Art Vocational School is a comprehensive provincial key vocational art school under Ministry of Education which focuses on regional characteristics such as pre-school education and cartoon-making, simultaneously covering relevant applied art courses.

  Now our school offers the majors as following: pre-school education (which is the key specialized major of Beijing City and listed as the mainly-supported major of The Eleventh Five-Year-Planning programs), cartoon-making (which is listed as another mainly-supported major of The Eleventh Five-Year-Planning programs), music, painting, tourist service and management, hotel service and management, business English, computer application, movie and TV performing and creation.

  Our school consists of two campuses-------south part (Former HaiDian Tourism vocational School) and north part (Former HaiDian Art Vocational School), covering a floor area of about 50 acres, building area of 27,000 square meters with 1,500 students.

  Our school with quiet and beautiful surroundings cater for all facets of students’ academic life by providing piano rooms, fine arts rooms, computer rooms for fine arts, cartoon-making rooms, dancing halls, utility rooms for rehearsal, training centers for hotel service and management courses, which meet the demands of all the majors very well. Besides these, we are equipped with technical teaching facilities such as a computer library, computer rooms for preparing lessons, multi-media rooms, digital electronic piano rooms, recording studio, a wired-television studio, cartoon-making platform. There are more than 100 pianos, 2,000 suits of performance clothes, 2,000 fine arts teaching aids and over 400 computers.

 Our school is carrying out the fine tradition of meticulous scholarship and strict discipline. We also possess a high-level group of teachers with a high sense of responsibility and a high degree or senior professional titles, including the advanced teachers who won the first prize in specialized courses of Beijing City, the national advanced teachers, the advanced head teachers of Cup Redbud, Subject Leaders of Beijing City, the referees of the National Kindergartners’ Aerobics Contest and the winners of painting exhibition of worldwide Chinese celebrities. During the process of running our school, relying on Haidian District and Beijing City, we strive for the famous brand, highlight both ideas of development and characteristics and bring forth new ideas through various forms and channels. In our school, the professional directions have been formed already. We have invited many artists and experts to compose a committee that helps to improve the teaching level of specialized subjects. The cooperation with some enterprises has been carried out. We have launched new subjects that are advanced in technology and vigorous in meeting the market demands in cooperation with Dingsheng Century Technology Development Company. The trans-regional cooperation has been expanded. Responding to the Party’s call on developing the west, supporting the west and the revolutionary regions, we have made cooperation with many schools in the west areas successively, such as the ones in Xinjiang, Yan’an, Luochuan, Zunyi, Liaoning Province and Jilin Province with the resource superiority from capital. We have received high praise and approval from the local governments for having cultivated large numbers of talents for them.

 We have attached great importance to international exchange with the principle of opening our eyes to the whole world. Our school has made a good friendship with Leonardo-da-Vinci School in Berlin. We have interchange visits of teachers and students of both sides every year, which helps us to widen our idea of running and our horizon as well. Under the circumstances of international vocational education, we strengthen the uninterrupted international exchange as much as possible. In the past several years, we have received many guests from home and abroad, such as the famous dancer Ms Chen Meiling from Hong Kong, delegations from Britain, the U.S.A., Japan, Korea and Denmark. Our school has fully acted as a window open to the outside world.

  We try our best to create a harmonious and democratic atmosphere for cultivating talents according to the idea of “based on educating persons”. Our school adheres to the principle of educating talents through teaching, educating talents through activities and educating talents through service for many years. Combining the actual situation of our school and the students’ characteristics, we have put forward the idea of “success education”. “Success education” has been carried out on the basis of students’ development with the purpose of seeking their development on potential and promoting their qualities in every aspect. Our school offers the “second class” through rich and colorful extracurricular activities, such as the sports and culture festival, chorus competition, speech contest and some large performances for public welfare. These activities help the students to broaden their eyes, consolidate their professional skills, develop and build their practicing capacity, mould their temperament and character, purify their soul and temper their willpower. Moreover, “success education” has provided the stage for the students to show their characteristics and the chance of success as well.

 In the past few years, several hundred of students in our school have won a large number of first prizes in the national, municipal and district competitions, including the contests of dancing, art, rhythmic gymnastics, piano, vocal music, poem reciting, story telling and so on.

The guidelines for the future development of the school is to please the students and their parents by high quality education, to attract more excellent teachers by school culture, to manage the school by humanism and high discipline, to boost teaching by well-equipment system, to strengthen typical subjects by professional knowledge and skills. All above directly aim to become top vocational school in Beijing.

In the last two decades, the students having graduated from our school are developing their careers in various fields. The vocational education offers most of the students the opportunities to service the society in their skillful fields, where they showed their talent completely and won great fame. Future more, part of the students won the opportunities to enter the university or college for further education.

By the support of government and with great efforts of all staff, Haidian Art Vocational School grows into a first class comprehensive vocational school with advanced teaching theories and teaching management, as well as modern facilities and fruitful achievement.

On the purpose of boosting economic sustainable development, improving quality of citizens, fasten human resources exploitation, strengthen Beijing competence, established life education system, our school planned to cultivate more high quality, skilled talents with developing education thoughts to serve for society, for vocational education, for people.




Visiting Arrangement

І Characteristic visiting points: facilities   specialized courses

П Visiting content: folk dance (interactive) calligraphy (interactive)

         Art aerobics lessons piano rooms 

Cartoon-making rooms

Introduction colloquia (videotape)

Ш Alternative visiting routes

1      North part

School Gate——Reception Room——Aerobics Rooms——Fine Arts Rooms——Dancing Halls——Piano Rooms

2 South part

 School Gate——Reception Room——Cartoon-making Rooms—— Dancing halls——Piano Rooms

ІV visiting time: about three hours

V Addresses

 North part

 Address: No. 4 XiLu road, BeiSanhuan, Beijing City (across from the College Students’ gymnasium)

 Code: 100088

 Public transport: Take the bus No. 300, 367, 830, 123, 601, 425, 422, 718, 836, 731, YunTong No. 101, 201 and get off at XueYuan Road

 South part

 Address: Jia No. 3, JingWangfen, HaiDian District, Beijing City (in the court of Ministry of Construction in GanJiakou)

 Code: 100037

 Bus Routes: Take bus No. 102, 103, 727, 827, Te No. 5 and get off at GanJiakou Department Store

       Take bus No. 26, 748, 701, 114, 118, 320 and get off at SiDaokou

 Websitewww. hdyz. bjedu. cn

 Connecter: QiXiaogang  


 Telephone, Fax: 010—62258210

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