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Haidian Maternal & Child Health Hospital of Beijing
publish date: 2017-07-31


   Haidian Maternal & Child Health hospital of Beijing, situated by the beautiful Wanquan River, was established in 1983. Over the past wore than 20 years, the hospital has become a well established institute of maternal & child health and an integrated body of healthy care, medical treatment, scientific researches as well as education programs through the efforts of staff members. All As both of a maternal and child health center and a medical training center in Haidian district, the hospital is now responsible for the maternal and child health care of 1.8 million residents and 1.2 million floating population. In addition, it also provides technical instruction and health supervision for maternal and child health of 22 communities, 11 counties and over 360 units for maternal and child health, obstetrics department in 16 hospitals, 100 prevention and treatment units for women's diseases and 66 family planning centers.

  The hospital has 586 members, of who 504 hold professional medical qualification. It possesses over 1 billion fixed assets, and provides 220 open beds for nearly 10 thousands of baby deliveries and more than 500 thousands of clinic service annually.

   The hospital provides full aspects of services to women and children everyday, including gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, family-planning, pre-marriage healthcare, antipathies diagnosis and treatment, adolescence healthcare, climacteric age and agedness healthcare, nutrition checking and advice, child medicine, children pregnant and parturient women mouth healthcare, early education for 0-6 years old children, genetic consulting, reproductive health consulting, STD prevention and care. Several departments of the hospital also offer a series of special services, such as joy-oriented delivery, painless delivery, analgesia abortion, newborn swimming instruction and so on. Meanwhile, the hospital has six specialized departments to provide guidance and training in maternal and child health over the whole district. The quality of the service in many areas is either on par or close to the standard of developed countries.


   Recently, driven by the requirement from different types of the patients, a few new service centers were established, such as the center of prenatal screening, the center of early education and development of child, the center of prevention and treatment for mastopthia, the center of prevention and treatment for cervical diseases, the center of family planning supervising and the center of adolescence and female climacteric.


   To improve the quality of treatment and health care, the hospital invested heavily on advanced equipment of diagnosis and treatment, such as gynecological endoscopes(including laparoscope, hysteroscopy and colposcope), long distance fetal monitoring system, Vista central monitoring system, monographic X-ray, thin prep cytological test system, dynamic electrocardiography, neonatal resuscitative equipment, autoclaves and sterilization facility, fetal oxygen saturation monitoring system, hypothermic disinfection cabinet, color ultrasound, digital sperm analyzing system and so on.


Over the past 20 years, the hospital has developed good communication and collaboration with other hospitals and universities. Over 100 papers have been published and 15 municipal and district awards of scientific & technologic achievements have been achieved. Since several years, Maternal & child Hospital has received many visiting and reviewing groups from inside and outside of the Country successively, such as delegates of the World Women Convention, officials of WHO, members of UNICF, and ambassadresses and so on. Every year our hospital receives nearly a hundred of visiting and studying units. Our Hospital was honored.

The hospital won the honor of the first “Child Care Hospital” in 1992 and was rated as one of the 10 model "Child Care Hospital" in China in 1994. The hospital also received the title of “Advanced Collectivity in the National Health System" and "Advanced Institution in the National Maternal and Child HealthCare Service” in 1996, "Demonstration Window in the Capital Civilized Industries" during the period from 1996 to 2005, In 1997, the hospital was accepted as "top grade in class B maternal and child hospital”,” The National Women Civilization Model Post” and "Beijing Three-Eight-Red-Flag Civilization Model” in 2001, “Advanced foreign visiting reception unit in Beijing” in2002 and “Excellence foreign visiting unit in Haidian District” in 2003, and” China National Three-Eight-Red Flag Civilization Collectivity of the year 2003-2004" .


In the future, the staff members of the hospital will bear in mind the hospital's spirit of Sanctity, Kindness, Consecration, Enterprise, share the vision of "For the Baby, For the Health and for the better future", stick to the primary tenet about "Safety first for mother and baby, Priority to children" in the jobs, carry out the maternity and childcare service policy of "with preventive care as the priority, around a core mission of health care and with the objective of guaranteeing reproductive health, to combine preventive health care with clinical practice to serve groups and the grassroots". In the meantime, the hospital will always place the need of the patients in the first place and treat the patients whole-heartedly with world-class technology, world-class quality, world-class management and world-class service.

Duration for a round visit takes some one hour.

Notice to visitors:

The hospital is open daily from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm (Mon.Fri.)

Address: No 33, Haidiannanlu Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100080

Public transport:

 take the bus 304, 361, 386, 307, side route 332, 630, 851, Yuntong109, Yuntong114, minibus 9, minibus 67 and get off at the Wanquanhe station.

Contact: Ms Jia Xiuhong


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