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Profile of Beijing No.20 High School
publish date: 2017-07-31

Beijing No.20 High School was established in 1951.The school is located in the northern part of Haidian District and because of its captivating beauty it is known to all as the pearl of the north.

As a provincial key school it boasts of a vast, beautifully decorated campus, with a totaling building area of 32,000 square meters. It has two magnificent classroom buildings and three comprehensive buildings: the lab building, art building and a very modernized electronic library building with a collection 230,000 books. In order to increase the astronomical knowledge, a high-standard astronomical observatory was set up at the top of the lab building. This is rarely seen in other schools.

I. We are proud of our school campus. It is well designed, smooth and clean. Green can be seen for a whole year and flowers blossom for three seasons. All the architectures with Chinese traditional characteristics are dotted in green, such as “the army and the people friendship pavilion”, “the teacher honors pavilion”, “alumna pavilion”, “five-love wall”, “lotus bridge” and “school motto stele”. They have become instructive and cultural sights of the campus, moreover the titles and calligraphy were written by vice directors of People’s Congress or vice chairmen of Political Consultative Conference Lei Jieqiong, Zhao Puchu, Yang Chengwu, Geng Biao, etc. All these, raise the fame of all the sights. It has attracted lots of leaders and teachers, friends and foreign visitors. In 1996, our school was named as a garden type school of Beijing, in 1997 a model school in school surroundings of Beijing, in Oct 1998 an advanced school in school surroundings and artistic architectures of China.

Over 3,000 students are divided into 64 classes, including 40 junior classes and 24 senior classes. The school has established rather integrated administration and teaching research system. We have six Special Grade teachers, 45 Advanced teachers, 136 Middle Grade teachers. There are 26 key teachers taking the lead at different subjects in Haidian District. And the Beijing Research Department. Altogether we have a staff of 250.

Over a decade ago, facing the difficult situation of running a high quality school, we didn't complain of anything but to struggle hard to improve teaching conditions by ourselves. The school slogan is: “Be diligent, realistic and forge ahead.”

 Throughout these years, the school has inherited good traditions of strict administration, disciplined teaching and enjoys a good reputation. The school has been praised on many occasions by the supervisors of the Educational Department. It mainly focuses on the teaching reforms, and aims at inculcating the abilities of creativity, practice and quality-oriented education. The school greatly values the various differences of the students' opinion and pays great attention to encouraging the team spirit. The school also pays special attention to enhancing their artistic, aesthetic and physical values. In the recent years, the school is featured in English, Science Technology, Art and Physical Culture. We’d like to emphasize the following outstanding features highly praised by all the authorities both in Beijing and our district.

 1. Art feature

In the art building, there are three music rooms, one hall for chorus practice and musical bands rehearsal; three paining rooms, one calligraphy room and one exhibition room for art and calligraphy works. There are two dancing halls and one stereo room with an area of 200. This studio can perform many different functions such as filming, editing and broadcasting. The condition of artistic education in our school has reached the highest level in the high schools. Our dancers have got a first prize in Beijing again this year.

2.   Physical Culture

The sporting conditions of our school are very good. In 1998, a stadium with a modernized eight 400-metres long track spray system which can seat over 2000 students was built and at the same year National and Municipal Sports Committee asked our school to undertake the Great Wall Cup Sports Meeting, joined by middle school students from provinces of northern China. In 1999, four plastics cement basketball courts, two volleyball courts and one tennis court were also built.


 Good teaching and advanced music, sport and art equipment create favorable conditions for thoroughly implementing educational policy, carrying our competence-oriented education, improving the quality of teaching and education. Every year we are awarded the first or second prize. No.20 High school is most famous in the district for the students’ daily exercises and is always the winner in nearly every sports competition held in Beijing.

3.   English Learning Feature

English Learning Feature of our school is the most outstanding feature outstanding not only in our school but also in Haidian District and Beijing Municipal. Our school has strengthened the exchange and cooperation of international education since early 80s. What’s more we always have praises from the UK, and our sister school Australian friends. All through these years we have already accepted lots of foreign friends. They come to listen to our classes and in this way both sides achieved a lot. This promotes mutual understanding between both sides. Our school aims at establishing good school spirit, continuously carrying out education reforms with opening up and aggressive spirit, so as to improve teaching quality and raise our English learning level especially our spoken English to need the demands of the 2008 Olympic Games and for our opening reform. Here we recall the measures we made. They are as follows:

(1) Since the year 2001 we began our junior English experimental classes. And now it continues with the seniors. Our students got excellent results in their exams and wegained great encouragements for our doubly hard working.

 (2) On May 15th 2001 the English group held a very high graded meeting specialized on integration of computing usage in our English teaching classes. English experts and nearly 400 teachers and 6 leaders and professors attended our meeting and gave high praises to our teachers. All the English teachers, especially 13 of our young teachers gave demonstration classes and after that they wrote research papers. As the level of the papers high, most of them won the National first prize. This meeting had great influence both in Haidian and in Beijing.

 II. History of Exchanges between St. Peters and No.20 High School

From the year 1998, we have already set up firm establishments and foreign cultural exchanges with St. Peters Lutheran College in Australia. We have an exchange teacher from our sister school. Both sides also have student exchanges every year and our exchanges are strengthening. From the year 1996, St. Peters have been to our school 9 times and we have made also 4 return visits.

III. We also have the qualifications to invite foreign experts and teachers to our school.

  We have English experts in our school every year and every other year we have an exchange teacher from our sister school. Since the year of 1998 we have had already invited 4 foreign experts to our school. They live in our school, love our school and work diligently. In the year 2003, only two units were praised by the state administration of Foreign Experts Affairs PRC. for inviting foreign experts to teach in High schools in our district. One was the high school attached to the Normal people’s university and the other one was our school.

IV. To meet the needs of the 2008 Olympic Games, all the teachers of our school have actively participated in the GSE program and passed the Exams with excellent results.(Graded Examination in Spoken English is a spoken English program derived from Trinity University of England). The teachers of the English group are the most outstanding ones in Haidian Science Park. Some of them have already passed the 9th and 10th grade (the highest grade is grade 12th). Not even the key schools in Haidian District, it has reached the 10th grade. They were highly praised by the Examination Authorities and the Educational Commission.

 In the recent years we have gained numerous commend, prizes and prestige. We have at least won 100 prizes collectively or individually in all kinds of subjects and especially in our science and technology. This year the robot won a national first prize award. In our physics and chemistry teachers won second or third prizes. We have concentrated our efforts to carrying out the education reform more deeply with an open mind, so our principal Mr. Chen Heng-hua and the other vice principals are doing their best to bring up highest quality students. We have not only lots of curricular activities, but also have selected subjects. Besides, we have military training base, the Nankou farm working base and the Tsinghe Orphanage, and the communities. Our students work conscientiously in the above indicated places. They were praised by all.

But we are not content with our achievements. In the new century, the leader group and the total staff propose a higher seeking aim to increase the capacity of modernization of education, to strengthen the two mediums, and carry out the improvement process of "quality-oriented education”, and to try to initiate its own educational features with unique characteristics. The position of school becomes more and more important with the rapid development of Beijing and the Science Park. We believe that our school will have a glorious future with advanced facilities, highly-qualified and experienced staff and a high teaching ranking quality under the able guidance and support of district government and education authorities. We will do our best to let our school become a first class provincial key school with international influence in China.

Duration for a round visit takes some one hour or two hours.

Office Hour: from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm (Mon.Fri.)

Address: Qinghexiaoying, Haidian District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100085


Contact: Ms Chang Liqun

Tel: 62917568   Fax62912114

Public transporttake the bus 315, 323, 328, 355, 392, 398, 379, 419, 618, 719, 811, 814, 810, 819, 109, 919 and get off at the xiaoying station

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